Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Our Professional Tools

The short list of professional tools we use to provide great products and services for you

cPanel Professional Server Management

cPanel & WHM

cPanel is the world's most utilized website hosting platform. All of our client websites are hosted using cPanel on our dedicated server. We use cPanel because it's professional, highly secure, and easy for our clients to manage.

Shopify Professional eCommerce Platform


Shopify is an enterprise-class, hosted eCommerce solution. When we design an eCommerce website, we use Shopify. The platform is secure, PCI compliant, and has 1500+ applications in the Shopify App Store to add more functionality to any online shop.

concrete5 Content Management System


concrete5 is an open-source CMS that makes editing and developing a website fun. Its user interface provides a great editing experience that's powerful and perfect for most of our clients' custom website design projects.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe® Creative Cloud

Adobe® Creative Cloud is an extensive library of professional applications like Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator. We use Creative Cloud to design concepts, develop websites, create logos, and make printed pieces for our clients. It is the industry standard for professional graphic designers.

Nightwatch SEO Management


Nightwatch is an SEO management system that allows us to track keyword ranking on Google and other search engines. We can see the history of a keyword's performance and are able to make changes to the website to enhance the rank of that keyword. With its automated reporting, Nightwatch is an essential tool for us and our clients.

FreshBooks Cloud Invoicing


FreshBooks is our cloud-based accounting system. We use it for all client billing and payments. All payments are processed securely online so we (and more importantly you) don't have to worry about emailing credit card numbers, mailing paper checks, or calling to relay personal information over the phone.

Freedcamp Project Management


Freedcamp is our project management platform. Whether we're designing a website, rebranding a company, or enhancing a website's SEO, we use Freedcamp to manage the project. It keeps all project information securely in one place where clients and our team can always refer to it.

GoDaddy Pro Domain Management

GoDaddy Pro

We needed an enterprise-level registrar who delivers the same caliber of customer service we strive to provide. We found that in GoDaddy Pro and manage all client domains through our corporate account. Our clients demand the best, deserve the best, and we enjoy providing the highest quality products and creative services for them.

Pingdom Tools Website Performance

Pingdom Tools

Pingdom delivers one of the most thorough website speed and performance testing services available. It tells us where a website's speed can be increased and where there's possible issues. We test every website we design with Pingdom so our clients' websites are fast and optimized for search engines.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the world's foremost website data provider. We include it with every website we create. It informs us about a website's traffic, its user demographics, and provides priceless details about how SEO campaigns are performing. We couldn't do what we do without quality data. You shouldn't either.

Adobe® Sign eSignatures & Documents

Adobe Sign

Adobe® Sign is our preferred eSignature platform. All of our work is conducted through contracts, and Sign provides clients with agreements they can approve and sign digitally. No more wasted paper on printing, scanning, and emailing documents. Adobe Sign is compliant with both the UETA and ESIGN Acts so all documents are confidential, secure, and 100% legal.

Unsplash Stock Photography


Unsplash is a searchable library of stock photography. Unsplash photos are published under their own license, the Unsplash License. With a large amount of beautiful photography, we use it for almost every website we design especially during the conceptual phase. It's beautiful, free, and provides our clients with a great finished product.

Comodo Website & SSL Security


Comodo is a website and internet security company. They provide SSL certificates to keep our websites encrypted. Comodo's products are trusted by millions of hosts and website administrators to keep their websites and infrastructure safe. We use Comodo SSL certificates on every website we create so your data is safe 24 hours a day.

MailChimp Digital Email Campaigns


MailChimp is our recommended digital newsletter and email campaign platform. With MailChimp, you can track email opens, unsubscribes, bounces, and clicks all in real-time. It's perfect for custom newsletter design and email campaigns. MailChimp currently delivers 48% of all email campaigns managed in the United States.

HubSpot Marketing Management

HubSpot Marketing

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform designed to help clients track and manage on-site form submissions as well as gather more information about website visitors.

Uptime Robot Services Status

Uptime Robot®

Uptime Robot is our uptime service monitor. It immediately sends an SMS if any of our business services are down for any period of time. With this in our arsenal, we'll likely fix most issues before they become problems thanks to Uptime Robot's 24/7 monitoring. You can see the status of our network and 3rd party services by clicking the link at the bottom of our website that says "Status".

Bitly Short URL Management


Bitly is a short URL management platform. It can be used for branded short links, mobile deep linking, omnichannel campaign tracking, and audience intelligence. It provides brands with a holistic, unbiased view into a complex digital landscape, and a powerful way to see, utilize, and manage their customer experience throughout the internet with full tracking and analytical data.