Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Managed Design Approach

Professional management and creative direction are all parts of a successful design approach

Creative Project Collaboration Lexington, Kentucky

Creative Collaboration

We meet with you. You will know more about your clients and customers than we ever will. When we meet, we'll ask things about your client demographics and target audiences. That way we can figure out the best marketing strategies for you and your business goals.

After determining the best marketing strategies to proceed with, we start phase two, the Concept Design phase.

Project Concept Design Lexington, Kentucky

Concept Design

We want to ensure that our conceptual efforts help achieve marketing goals. In order to effectively and efficiently solve problems, we create concepts for your project that are delivered via email or a meeting so we can constructively critique the creative work.

After a concept is approved, we fine tune it in the Product Development phase.

Product Development & Design Lexington, Kentucky

Product Development

Product Development is the stage in a project where the product is given life. After the concepts are approved, we begin making the product's design to your specifications when it comes to content, imagery, colors - everything.

After the finished product is developed and approved, we move on to the final phase of a project, the Product launch phase.

Project Launch Lexington, Kentucky

Product Launch

Product Launch is the culmination of all of our marketing efforts, creative talents, and discussions. It's when the final product is delivered after your approval.

This is where the real work begins. A successful product launch is designed to meet or exceed the marketing goals you had set out for during phases one, two, and three.

Managed Projects & Our Design Approach

Our project approach is designed to create better, faster projects for you. It employs a sign-off approach to all phases of design projects, from start to finish. We understand that each part of the process directly affects the entire project, and we want your projects to exceed their goals.