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Foundrify Brand Assets

Foundrify's visual identity, logo downloads & logo usage

Identities are the beginning of everything. They are how something is recognized and understood. What could be better than that?

The logo system for Foundrify includes the logomark, wordmark, and the full logo. Here you'll find the logo's usage for light, dark, and green backgrounds.

Vertical Logo


Horizontal Logo


Color Palette

Foundrify's color palette consists of three green tones and one dark gray tone.


Foundrify Green (Primary)
RGB: 97, 188, 70
CMYK: 65, 0, 99, 0
PMS: 360 C


Outer Space Gray (Secondary)
RGB: 68, 72, 67
CMYK: 67, 56, 62, 43
PMS: 446 C


Dark Spring Green
RGB: 40, 128, 63
CMYK: 84, 26, 100, 13
PMS: 7730 C


May Green
RGB: 48, 155, 71
CMYK: 80, 15, 100, 2
PMS: 7739 C

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Brand Typography

We chose the typeface Yellowtail for our logo's typography. It lends itself nicely to our aesthetic tastes and is strong for uses in print and web.








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