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We provide the best secure, responsive website design for small to medium sized businesses

custom, responsive website design for small businesses that need more website traffic

Having a website just isn't enough anymore. Being found online isn't enough anymore. You have to connect with users on a brand level. Your small business website must be easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing, and responsive.

If your small business website reflects the quality of your products and services using meaningful content and imagery, website visitors are more likely to use your company. We help make that happen!

Small Business Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Small Business Websites

Codeless Content Management System

User-friendly website editing

Google Analytics

SSL certificate included

We want to give you the most professional products that we can. Our CMS is a large part of that process. Its simple, easy to use interface makes it an invaluable part of users being able to edit with it, and with a CMS walkthrough after launch, you can't go wrong.

Repsonsive Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Responsive Website Design

All websites are responsive

Perfectly rendering on mobile devices

Better for search engine optimization

No pinching the screen to read text

Yes, all of our small business websites are responsive! This means that they're visible and viable on mobile devices. Responsive websites are also better for SEO as Google has started negatively ranking websites that aren't mobile friendly.

Small Business Website Hosting & Support Lexington, Kentucky

Hosting & Website Support

Website hosting included

Domain renewal available

Monthly support available

cPanel website hosting platform

After we launch your new small business website, we won't leave you hanging. With our small business website design services, we have you covered. We're here to answer your questions and help keep your business website flourishing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional small Business Website Design

Small business website design involves a lot of individual elements that can seem daunting. We want the opportunity to answer your questions so we've provided some for the most common questions here.

If you still have questions, we want to know. Contact us and let us answer them for you.


Website design timelines are an interesting thing to nail down. In our experience, build times for websites with basic functionality can take 30-60 days. Timeline adjustments can be made if we're unable to gather the necessary information for a website's design and/or development. It really depends on a few factors like the ones below:

Functionality is basically the elements you want your website to have. This can affect timelines because it might need to be developed from scratch in some instances.

Page Density
How many pages a website contains is sometimes a good indication of how long the total project will take from start to finish. We like to provide this information when the project starts during the contract phase.

Content & Information
Content is the largest piece of every website. Please provide all text content to us as a Microsoft Word, TextEdit, Notepad, or Apple Pages file. This makes adding it to the website quicker and easier. If it isn't provided in such a format, it could affect anticipated launch dates.

Content & Sitemaps

Website Content
Content is all of the images, text, and data needed for a website to be completed. Common examples of content are social media links, a Sitemap (all website pages listed hierarchically), email addresses for forms, form data, company bios, etc.

Image Resolution & Size
Imagery is a part of every website. We always ask that all images are provided at the highest resolution and image size possible to provide the highest quality final products.

The Sitemap
A Sitemap is a full list of a website's pages. On Sitemaps, pages are listed in a hierarchical format. They itemize the website's navigation that's usually at the top of a website for ease-of-use. The Sitemap does a couple of very important things. It tells our website designers which pages are needed on a website design project. For the client, it visually lays out all the pages for which content is needed.

A Sitemap is usually prepared like the example below with the bold items being the main navigational links and the hyphenated page names being beneath that page in a dropdown menu.

Page Name
- Service Name
- Service Name
- Service Name

- Team Page
- Another Page
- And Another Page

After we have this information, our designers know they need content for the pages above and the client knows to provide content for all of those pages. It makes the design and development process much easier, faster, and a better website is produced.

Website Cost

As with everything else at Foundry 72, we like to make things easier. Paying for a professional website is made easier because we use FreshBooks. We use FreshBooks for all of our invoicing.

Contact us for a website design proposal.


Website Hosting
If you have a website design agreement with us, hosting your website on our servers is included for the life of the agreement unless other arrangements are made. You can opt to host your website on your own servers, as well.

Domain Hosting
We can also manage and renew your website's main domain name for the life of the agreement. If you want us to host and maintain your domain on your behalf, great! If we do, you still own your domain and it is never the property of Foundry 72. All we do is host it on your behalf as a perk of the agreement.

However, if you wish to maintain the control over your domain, that's perfectly understandable, as well. All we'll need to do is make a couple of simple changes to it, and we may ask for login details for that domain name's registrar.


Monthly support does include:

- Adding text content
- Editing and adding imagery
- Adding additional pages (if the package limit hasn't been reached)

Monthly support does not include:

- Adding new website functionality
- Content development
- SEO or SEM
- Adding microsites
- Scripting or editing JavaScript
- Website layout modifications