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Foundry 72

The company was started in 2016 by Tim Raymer, a designer with over 10 years of experience in the design industry. Its goal is to provide professional design and marketing strategies that enhance its clients' brands.


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We serve a wide variety of clientele. Clients range from small startup companies to medium-sized organizations. Being able to work with clients within a myriad of different industries allows us to maintain a thriving workload and further presses the scope of our experience.

We work with clients who know they need great creative work to be different from their competitors. They know that in order to expand their businesses, having high-end marketing and advertising is one of the largest parts of that common goal.


Our objectivity is measured by having a shared goal with our clients. We're here to help them achieve more as a result of our professional marketing efforts. We want clients to grow and become innovators in their respective industries.

We succeed with our clients, and we're successful because our clients are. When they benefit from our collaboration together, we're doing our job for them.


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