Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Secure Cloud Invoicing

Professional invoicing standards to ensure information safety and financial security

Professional Cloud Invoicing

We make your financial security a priority. Therefore, we use FreshBooks, a cloud-based invoicing system, for all billing and invoicing. We never see your credit card numbers and we'll never request them. Since all payments are processed securely in the cloud, we (and more importantly you) don't have to worry about emailing credit card numbers, snail mailing paper checks, or calling to relay personal information over the phone.

Paperless Invoicing

Another great benefit of our online payment system is that no paper is used. Ever. Everything is sent electronically. You'll never have to print a paper payment stub and send in a paper check. All payments are processed online bringing costs down so we can provide high-quality design services at a lower price.

Foundry 72 & PayPal

You always have the ability to make payments using PayPal for your business website design, newsletter campaign packages, or logo design projects. PayPal and FreshBooks are both covered under 256-bit SSL and AES encryption standards.

In short, your information is extremely safe when using our systems.