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Facebook 360 & Business Branding

Facebook 360's panoramic photos and videos deliver spatial impact for brands across the globe

Facebook 360 & Business Branding

Published July 6th, 2016

I've said it throughout my entire creative career. "We live in a visual world." Being more visually stimulating increases outreach and audience intensity. Companies and organizations are always looking for new ways to connect with their consumers visually, and Facebook has introduced a new take on an older form of technology - Facebook 360.

After the worldwide release of Facebook 360, brands took to Facebook to start posting all kinds of interesting panoramic media designed to showcase products and spaces.

Facebook 360's Spatial Impact on Business Branding

Facebook 360 allows brands to interact with users in a new visual way by posting 360‎° videos and panoramic photos. Users are able to peruse the 3D landscape of a medium originally available solely in 2D. Brands are using it to showcase their offices, sports venues, universities, and even the interior of the International Space Station's Tranquility Module.

This not only influences users to look at marketers' amazing videos and photographs in a new way, it's also a sustainable new form of advertising for companies wanting to distance themselves from traditional marketing strategies.

National Geographic (360‎° Video)

National Geographic is shooting 360‎° video designed to show the wildlife around what would've been a standard 2D video only showcasing the areas where their cameras were directly pointed.

360°: Swimming With Bears in Kamchatka

Take a 360° swim with a gang of ravenous brown bears in a remote lake that's home to one of the richest salmon runs on Earth.

Posted by National Geographic on Sunday, March 6, 2016

NASA (360‎° Photo)

NASA is showing off the interior of the Tranquility Module (Node 3), one of the last planned additions to the International Space Station orbiting Earth. Facebook 360 lets NASA post one image so viewers get a 360‎° view of the entire module within a single panoramic photograph.

"6x9" by The Guardian (360‎° Video)

The Guardian posted a 360‎° video showcasing a prison's solitary confinement cell in "6x9", a documentary examining the experience of being held alone in a tiny prison cell for up to 23 hours at a time. This is something thousands of prisoners are subjected to day after day after day.

6x9: a virtual experience of solitary confinement

How would you cope with solitary confinement? 6x9 examines the experience of being held alone in a tiny cell for up to 23 hours at a time. Something thousands of prisoners are subjected to day after day after day. Try the 360 video or download the full VR experience from

Posted by The Guardian on Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Samsung Mobile (360‎° Photo)

This is a post from Samsung Mobile simply announcing that Facebook 360 has arrived.

Facebook 360 Compatible Cameras

While not all cameras shoot Facebook 360 photos or videos, there are some with the capabilities to provide panoramic photos and videos that work. The RICOH THETA S, 360cam, ALLie Home, Samsung Gear 360, and Kodak SP360 4K, to name a few.

Facebook is also developing its own camera, the Facebook Surround 360. The Surround 360 has 17 individual cameras (yes, 17) to produce extremely high-quality 360‎° photos and videos. There will be 14 surrounding cameras, one fish eye lens on the top, and two more fish eyes on the bottom to give maximum coverage for 360‎° media.

Here is what the Facebook Surround 360 could look like when it's released in the summer of 2016. There is currently no pricing available for the Surround 360.

Facebook Surround 360 Camera

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