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Shopify eCommerce Website Design

Foundrify is a fully-hosted eCommerce package built using Shopify's professional platform

The Foundrify package makes eCommerce easy so you can sell online with confidence, reliability & security

Foundrify eCommerce Website Design

Foundrify, eCommerce Made Awesome

Foundrify is our eCommerce website design package built using Shopify's platform. We build a custom website for you, add your products, host your domain, and launch your website. As part of Foundrify, we also show you how to use your new eCommerce website when it's launched so you know how to market and modify it to increase sales.

Foundrify provides a 100% fully-hosted solution. That means all website updates and security features are rolled out automatically so you're always up-to-date and always safe. Our websites are engineered for reliability and scalability using enterprise-level technology that's made available to businesses of all sizes.

Shopify eCommerce Website Design Lexington, Kentucky

Shopify Package Basics

Fast, responsive & professional

100% fully-hosted solution

PCI compliant & SSL secured

Make social media sales

Shipping & delivery discounts

Daily redundancy backups

Shopify rates are exquisite considering the product and award-winning support you get. We make sure your eCommerce website is PCI compliant, SSL secured, and ready for anything the world can throw at it.

Shopify Themes & Apps Lexington, Kentucky

Theme & App Customization

Retail POS + app available

1500+ apps in the store

Fully customized design

Apple Pay™ compatible

QuickBooks® Online integration

Fully responsive design

Hundreds of time-tested, proven Shopify themes and apps to make your website meet your business needs. You can even integrate it with your QuickBooks® Online software so your accounting is always in sync.

Shopify eCommerce Design Lexington, Kentucky

Your Custom Content

Your logo, look, and feel

Your branded color palette

Your content and images

Your products and pricing

You can update it anytime

Your social media

What good is an eCommerce website if it's not yours? Shopify lets you add your own content, imagery, products, logo, and custom color palette. It's the most professional eCommerce product on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About Foundrify eCommerce Website Design

We want to make your website design and eCommerce experience better. We've answered some of the most common questions about Foundrify eCommerce website design here.

If you still have questions, we want to know. Contact us and let us answer them for you.

Build Timeline

Website design timelines are an interesting thing to nail down. In our experience, build times for eCommerce websites take 90-120 days. Timeline adjustments can be made if we're unable to gather the necessary information for a website's design and/or development. It really depends on a few factors like the ones below:

Shopify Functionality
eCommerce functionality is what you want your website to do and will need to be added in the Shopify App Store. We can add this for you during the development process after you sign up for Shopify.

Product Density
How many products an eCommerce website has is a good indication of how long the total project will take from start to finish. We like to provide this information when the project starts during the contract phase.

Content & Information
Content is the largest piece of every website. Please provide all text content to us as a Microsoft Word, TextEdit, Notepad, or Apple Pages file. This makes adding it to the website quicker and easier. If it isn't provided in an accessible format, it could affect anticipated launch dates.

Content & Sitemaps

Website Content
Content is all of the images, text, and data needed for a website to be completed. Common examples of content are social media links, a Sitemap (all website pages listed hierarchically), email addresses for forms, form data, company bios, etc.

Product Data & Information
In order to add all of your products, we need to import them into Shopify. We will provide you with a CSV file (Comma Separated Values) that will be the main focus of our import. It will contain all of the product data, SKUs, images, and

Image Resolution & Size
Imagery is a part of every website. We always ask that all images are provided at the highest resolution and image size possible to provide the highest quality final products.

The Sitemap
A Sitemap is a full list of a website's pages. On Sitemaps, pages are listed in a hierarchical format. They itemize the website's navigation that's usually at the top of a website for ease-of-use. The Sitemap does a couple of very important things. It tells our website designers which pages are needed on a website design project. For the client, it visually lays out all the pages for which content is needed.

A Sitemap is usually prepared like the example below with the bold items being the main navigational links and the hyphenated page names being beneath that page in a dropdown menu.

Page Name
- Product Name
- Product Name
- Product Name

- Team Page
- Another Page
- And Another Page

Now, our designers know they need content for the pages above and the client knows to provide content for all of those pages. It makes the design and development process much faster and easier.

Shopify Platform Cost

Foundrify websites are set up as monthly recurring payments similar to Shopify.

Shopify accounts are separate from Foundry 72 accounts, and Shopify's monthly service fees are not included in ours. You would be a Shopify customer and a Foundry 72 client. That means you would pay Shopify's monthly service fees as well as fees for any app being used from Shopify's App Store.